The partners of J & B Custom Homes, Inc. combine to provide you with over 40 years of home building experience along with professional licenses and certifications. Included within our resume are: Licensing by the State of New Jersey for: Construction Official, Building Sub-code Official, Building Inspector, Mechanical Inspector and State Certified Engineering Technology. We know what you want and we know what it takes to provide it for you. Trust your satisfaction and families' well being to the professionals with experience.

J & B Custom Homes, Inc. is a partnership of experience. We combine years of building supervision with the highest quality contractors, suppliers and materials. At J & B Custom Homes we believe in building your home as though we were building our own. Quality construction, "customized" the way you want it to be.

Our craftsmanship along with your ideas, can truly turn your house into the "Dream Home" you've always wanted. Let J & B Custom Homes turn those dreams into reality.

We feel it's very important to build the most structurally sound home we can, but function without form is unsatisfactory. Please feel free to view our standard features list, as well as our home gallery.